Couverture: Filthy Lawyer (The Firm #1) de Whitney G.



FILTHY LAWYER, le premier tome de The Firm, la toute dernière trilogie de Whitney G., sort en VO le 30 avril prochain, et quelle couverture!

Design: Najla Qamber Designs

Modèle: Mario Rodriguez

Résumé (VO):

Dear Miss Tanner,

It’s currently nine o’clock in the morning, which means you’re already two & a half hours late for your first day of work at Hamilton & Associates.

During your interview, you waxed poetic about your obsession with « being on time » and promised to be « one hundred percent accountable, » but clearly, that’s a goddamn lie.

Then again, to be fair, I lied to you during your interview as well. I told you that it was nice to « meet » you, but I guess now is the time to admit that we’ve met before.

You took my online class at Harvard, and you never turned in your final paper. Instead, you sent me a dirty list that was meant for your boyfriend: Things I Want You to Do to Me in The Bedroom.

I gave you an ‘A’ for amusement, but for the record, if you have to beg a man to « go down on [you], » or « give you a night of orgasms while whispering filthy things into your ears, » you’re probably f*cking the wrong guy.

Nonetheless, when you finally do decide to show up to work, I expect you to stick to discussions about the law, not anything personal. I don’t want you to ever take my rare moments of kindness for weakness. (I don’t have any.) In fact, this email is probably the longest stretch of words I’ll ever say to you.

Stay out of my way, and I’ll stay out of yours.

Now that our formal introduction is out of the way, I’ll assume that you’re currently on your way into my office.

Welcome to the firm,

Damien Carter


Liens de pré-commande: 

Amazon–  iBook–  KoboNook

J’aime beaucoup le style de cet auteur, son humour et ses histoires à la sexy et romantiques, même en novellas.

Et j’avoue que ce résumé est très accrocheur. J’ai hâte!

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